Pelvic floor exercises meningkatkan efektivitas senam kegel

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    Salam hangat....
    Hari yang indah, numpang berbagi informasi nich....
    Dari berbagai literatur yang saya temui di internet, katanya"efektifitas" senam kegel lebih mumpuni jika di iringi dengan latihan Pelvik floor. Berikut cara melakukannya.

    More Pelvic floor exercises
    1. Sit back on your heels and place your hands behind your back while they are pointing out. Spread the knees so they are the width of the mat and lift the hips up. Contract your PC muscle for 5 seconds and release slowly. Lower your hips and repeat several times.


    2. Sit on the mat while straightening the legs in front of you and spread them a bit wider than your hips. Your arms should be behind your back and the hands are pointing out. Lift your hips and let your head fall back. Contract your PC muscle for 1 second while your hips are lifted and release. Lower your hip and repeat several times.


    3. Lie down on your back and place your hands alongside your body. Your legs are bent and your feet flat on the floor. Your knees should be aligned with your toes. Lift your hips until you reach the base of your shoulder blades. When you are in this position pulse up and down. Contract your PC muscle when your hips are lifted. Lower your hips and repeat several times.


    Demikian saja teman. Terimakasih

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